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Fleeting ~ Full Moon Social


It is nothing short of madness
That’s been laid to rest


Here, it began
And here, it will last ~


A realization
That comes so cruel


That something was created
As momentarily as you.


Images by: Leonid Tishkov

The Madness of the Moon ~ FullMoonSocial2014


Come along these lonely streets
And trip the light with me
Perhaps this reality
Is not the place to be

Let us break all the rules
That makes us immune
And let us be guided
By the madness of the moon

So we run with abandon
Through the falling leaves
Happily partaking
In the sacred art of thieves


With defiance we challenge
Every absolute
And the bloated sincerity
Of deviant truths

With a love that is selfish
Yet without inhibition
These arrested adolescents
With lovelorn fascination

Surrender to the madness
With all of humanity
Dancing under the influence
Of moonlit insanity

moonlight 2

(Written in response to Jeff Schwaner’s invitation to the Full Moon Social 2014 after much hard cider- so much, in fact, that Sister Madly doesn’t remember writing some of these things…)