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All that is Gold
Does Not Glitter

Not All Those Who Wander
Are Lost ~

The Old that is Strong
Does not Wither

Deep Roots are Not Reached
By the Frost.

 ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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To Mistake a Classic for Erotica

They both savored the strange warm glow of being much more ignorant than ordinary people, who were only ignorant of ordinary things ~ Terry Pratchett

“It’s not his hobby, Sister Madly.”

He just said that he loves his job, Professor, and when you love your job, you don’t work a day in your life. By this definition, it IS his hobby.


Now, Sister Madly has always been wary of anyone the Professors call a ‘friend’ and this time, she had good reason to be: he was chatty and he was happy. Too happy. Frolicking with the tumbleweed happy- and all without a nip of cider. That’s what makes it sinister- that, and the maniacal good cheer with which he announced that he was a phlebotomist.*

*In layman’s terms, a giant mosquito.

Then again, perhaps that is the secret to his sinister happiness: draining a large portion of his blood to the point of mental absurdity in the name of good times. Or perhaps he gets his jollies by mixing blood types like some gruesome, vascular cocktail. Whatever his secret, this psychotic bliss was reinforced later that night simply by coming upon Sister Madly’s copy of Maugham’s Of Human Bondage.

“You like this sort of thing, do you?”

TAB cola 80s

She couldn’t help but wonder what, exactly, the Happy Phlebotomist meant by ‘this sort of thing.’ True, it wasn’t the sort of book her mother would read to a young Sister Madly while they shared a bottle of TAB, but her mother wasn’t one to read her The Runaway Bunny either. Perhaps the Happy Phlebotomist didn’t much care for the author, or perhaps it was the implication that Sister Madly likes to read books out of season. Of Human Bondage always seemed like a book one reads in the winter.

Of course it is possible to read any book at any time of the year, but unless you are some sort of literary rogue, here is a small sample of the appropriate seasonal fare:

A Confederacy of Dunces
Bonjour Tristesse
The Magus
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky
The Moon and Sixpence
Three Men in a Boat

While the Happy Phlebotomist found this ‘seasonal reading’ slightly baffling, he was a sight more tolerant than the Professors were upon learning that Sister Madly arranges her DVDs according to ambiance instead of alphabetically. She doesn’t understand all the fuss- after all, she knows where to find everything. That’s all that really matters.*

*There are also many people who listen to music according to season- her neighbors, for example. They always listen to Christmas music in the winter. Loudly.

great story

Not that the Professors should cast any stones. Sister Madly has not only seen them eat lettuce, she has seen them enjoy the process– a sure sign that something is not quite right in the head.

Now over the course of her acquaintance with the Professors, they have taken it upon themselves to lend her books that they think she should read, rather than books they think she would enjoy. So it was something of a shock when the Happy Phlebotomist approached her with a copy of The Story of O, for no reason other than “you seem to like this sort of thing.”

And by ‘this sort of thing,’ the Happy Phlebotomist meant erotic literature.

“Since you were reading that book on human bondage…”

of human bondage

Perhaps Sister Madly is just naïve- or perhaps it’s because her hobby isn’t the gleeful draining of blood out of living individuals- but the possibility of Of Human Bondage being some sort of literary porn never once crossed her mind the day she found it in the bookstore. She was just intrigued by a book whose title started with the word ‘Of.’

According to the obligatory new book flip-thru (and later confirmed through the internet) The Story of O was originally published in the 1950‘s and was somewhat influenced by the works of the Marquis de Sade- which is a far, far cry from the themes found in Of Human Bondage.

You see, the title Of Human Bondage is taken from Part IV of Spinoza’s Ethics, entitled “Of Human Bondage, or the Strength of Emotions” in which Spinoza speaks of people’s inability to control their emotions (the emotions themselves, not one’s conscious response to them) which constitutes bondage. The crux of Maugham’s story is the unrequited love of Philip Carey, which binds him to a rather disagreeable* woman- soul ties, and all that.

*Status-seeking, social-climbing, cold-hearted, unfaithful waitress-turned-mistress-turned-hooker-who-contracts-an-STD-most-likely-syphilis type of disagreeable.
Also, she was rude.

runaway bunny

“So it’s about human trafficking?”

Perhaps it was fatigue from reading veins all day, or perhaps it was too much vascular cocktail, but it was obvious that the Happy Phlebotomist was determined not to understand a single word of their conversation. No wonder the Professors were so fond of him.

And so she was about to suggest a book that would do away with his starry-eyed disposition, The Runaway Bunny, as even adults have been known to cry at that story…

… when the Professors interrupted by sending a drink over to her table.


A Bloody Mary.

THEME SONG: Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2

He Laughed Again

“I was thinking about Brussels Sprouts.”

While Sister Madly appreciates those individuals who speak their minds, she finds that there are some things better left unsaid.


“You are joining us for the game, aren’t you, Sister Madly?”

Many, many things better left unsaid…

February has always been her least favorite month- so why not start it out by spending an evening playing Settlers of Catan while giving a bowl of Brussels Sprouts the evil eye?

“It’s the Seahawks, you know.”

So why not start it out by passing a bowl of Brussels Sprouts around the table while playing Settlers of Catan with the Seahawks?

“The Super Bowl, Sister Madly. Don’t tell me you forgot.”

It’s not that she forgot, so much, as she didn’t give a hill of beans. Sister Madly is biologically programmed to tune out most sportscasts; the same also goes for commercials, bad music, politics and warfare not involving medieval weaponry. Besides- does Sister Madly look like she watches the Super Bowl?*

*Apparently, it is impossible to tell if one watches the Super Bowl based on appearance alone.

“At least come by for the commercials,” the Professor said. “Do you like calamari?”


For those of you who are not in the know, calamari is the stuff they use to make Subaru tires. The world may try to tell you that it’s an itty-bitty squid, but this is false information. Read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; squids are big and mean and harbor a vendetta against all mankind.

Thus Sister Madly decided early on to go to the necessary lengths as to not be hungry when attending this soiree, therefore she would not be tempted by the Subaru tires, nor by the forbidden fruit.

Oh sure, Sister Madly, as if a serpent could tempt anyone with a Brussels Sprout. They are nothing but pretentious little cabbages that taste like dirt- hardly the cause of Original Sin. Then again, it was not the fruit, itself, that was the Sin; but the tasting of it. And while artists depict the fruit as an apple, no one really knows for certain- and Brussels Sprouts grow on stalks, which could easily be mistaken for a fruit by one who does not know any better.

And so on the first of February, Sister Madly found herself back in the kitchen of freshly stenciled birds – and we all know how THAT came about! – with a box of books for the Professors to go through before she donated them to unsuspecting households around town- that is, those with brightly colored boxes in their front yards, containing books free for the taking. While some call these Little Libraries, Sister Madly has come to know them as Book Disposals: the ideal way to get rid of those books that did not tickle her fancy- under the guise of generosity, of course. Also, this is done only at night.

lil library

It wasn’t long before one of the Professors started sifting through her box. While she expected the usual commentary, she was not expecting the look of utter dismay when he came across Notes From Underground.

“Why are you getting rid of this?”

You’re absolutely right, Professor; she had fully intended for that book to end up in the dumpster, bypassing the Little Libraries entirely. Sister Madly may be impish in her ways, but she finds no reason to be downright sadistic to an unsuspecting public.

Yes, nothing says Party! like a dissertation on the Russian Masters over fried Subaru tires and bowls of Original Sin. The Professor said that Dostoevsky is one of those authors whose work he could recognize from a single passage- not only the by content, but by the individual syntax and style that is unique to the writer.

Are you saying, Professor, that you could name a book from a single sentence?

This Professor considered himself well-versed in the classics, and while he was confident that he could do just that from a paragraph, his gin and tonic said there was a good chance he could do the same from a single sentence.

And so Sister Madly pulled a book from the shelf- indeed, a classic- and read the first line she came across:

He laughed again.

The Professor did not answer, but rather stared at her with that dull incredulity that has become so familiar. No doubt this scenario went a whole lot better in his head.

Yes, even with Brussels Sprouts, you can still have a perfect moment.

dorian gray

‘He laughed again’- from Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. If you did not know this, you haven’t been studying your literature.

POST’S THEME SONG: It’s a Sin, Pet Shop Boys

Necronomicon Journal ~ Sketchbook

~ ~ ~  GIVEAWAY CLOSED ~ ~ ~ 

Last week, Sister Madly gave a description of the lovely, makeshift HAZMAT ensemble she was wearing, the sight of which most likely prompted the recent apartment inspection. She later confessed -to you- that it was simply because she was making a Necronomicon.

And you thought she was being facetious.

Allow Sister Madly to provide visual aid of the process:


Sketchbook obtained, void and without form.

paint wall

Paint thrown around in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


Entertainment while paint dries.

onion goggles

Sexy HAZMAT gear acquired.


Sealant chemicals added with the usual fanfare.





A) Dimensions: 9” X 11”

B) 110 sheets/220 pages, unlined

C) 70 lb. Paper, Acid Free

D) Not bound in human skin, nor written with blood **

E) Has a fondness for Let’s Dance (InFiction String Remix) and will play it often on your MP3 player.

F) There is no ‘F.’



  • Comment below ~OR~ Send email (subject: GIVEAWAY) to ~ ~
  • Include at least one of the following:

~ Music Recommendation (Peter Murphy’s Carver Combo)
~ Book Recommendation (The Razor’s Edge, W. Somerset Maugham)
~ Cider Recommendation (Rhubarbarian, 2 Towns Ciderhouse)
~ Fun Fact (Sister Madly’s left foot is 1.25 sizes smaller than her right)

~This is to separate entries from junk mail, as it would be a shame to select a 4 year-old habitual spammer living in an underground bunker outside of Nantucket. Also, it’s fun.~

  • Winner will be selected at random. From a hat.
  • Sister Madly will not sell your personal info. She doesn’t know how.
  • All emails/addresses will be deleted at the end of the Giveaway.
  • Giveaway ends Aug. 9, 2014. Midnight-ish.


** This is largely due to the fact that not one of the Professors showed up for Sister Madly’s ‘Let’s Make a Necronomicon!’ Party, thus forcing her to find other resources. And after all they have put her through, too, like that whole ‘Batting Cage’ thing- it was the least they could do. Just wait- the next time you flash another Rorschach card in front of her face, Professor, she’s going to do more than demand chocolate milk.

POST’S THEME SONG: Let’s Dance (InFiction String Remix), David Bowie