Moroccan Tea Lights ~ The Post-It Sings of Pointy Things

It wasn’t too long ago that Sister Madly woke up to a Post-It Note that simply said ‘SEES.’ There have been others, including ‘No Privacy,’ ‘Disco’ and the ever-cryptic ‘– – – > 7899,’ all of whose explanations have buried deep in that Benadryl Cocoon in which she lingered, obviously believing it to be impossible to forget their meanings.

Well, the SEES mystery has been solved at last:


Sharp Edges Eye Syndrome.

To put it simply, SEES is the inability to look at sharp objects (corners, the edge of a knife, the tips of pens, fingers, needles, etc.) without some sort eye discomfort; depending on the circumstances, it can even be painful. Despite what the Professors say, this is not the result of some repressed childhood trauma- nature dictates that one would remember the incident where the eye was nearly gouged out. While Sister Madly enjoys most aspects of the medieval era, this is one practice she has yet to embrace.

It appears that this discovery came about on that Benadryl-Hazed Pre-Monday afternoon. Sister Madly, with much better things to do but with little desire to do them, decided to find out if there was something to this life-long difficulty with looking at pointy objects. For years, she has been insisting to the Professors that her lack of focus while being lectured and the stealing of quick and seemingly flirtatious glances at the merchandise hanging from pointy hooks were just some of her delightful quirks.

hook hell

(Wanna know what hell looks like —> —> —>)

So what, exactly, is known about this thing called SEES? Well…

  • It has a name
  • Sister Madly is not the only one out there suffering from it
  • It has a Facebook Page
  • The somewhat unofficial definition is buried so deep in the confines of the Google Kingdom it may take one years to find*

*This only applies if you are using the term SEES, since that was all Sister Madly had to go on.

Oh, and the way to resolve this issue is to not look at sharp edges. Believe it or not, Google, Sister Madly has already mastered that one.

She shouldn’t have told all this to the Professors- and she wouldn’t have, had they not asked why she never really aims while playing darts. It was an offhanded comment which should have been lost in the fact that she just hit the bull’s; instead, it led to the usual PhD curiosity, which led to questions, which eventually led to a dangerously unstable Sister Madly who wasn’t oppose to using a knife as long as she didn’t have to look at the blade- or, at least, a fork. The game was soon abandoned as the Professors flittered about, trying to find out at what point a “sharp edge” is no longer so, and it turns out that there are many sharp edges in a pub.

Suffice it to say, it was a long night in their company.

UPDATE: the cryptic – – – > 7899 has now been deciphered: it was the result of Sister Madly trying to turn up the volume on her computer in the dark. She just repeated the sequence.

On the craftier side of things:


POST’S THEME SONG: Close My Eyes Forever, Lita Ford & Ozzy Osborne

2 responses

  1. Those jars are awesome. Very medieval and royal.

    As to the SEES syndrome, fascinating. I too have an extreme hyper-vigilance for sharp and pointy things. I chalk it up to the number of times I have impaled myself on army men and legos. Somewhere in the midst of pulling thumbtacks out of the bottom of my feet, I developed a nearly neurotic obsession with anything potentially piercing. I like to pin it on maternal instinct, but to be perfectly honest, it has more to do with self preservation. I don’t ever recall a child being impaled by a sharp object, in fact these days they tend to view piercing themselves with sharp things a form of recreation and self expression. I apparently am the one with the issue and need to cast aside my old fashioned reluctance to imbed strange objects into various parts of my body.


    July 6, 2014 at 8:33 AM

    • Sister Madly

      There is nothing in this world quite like stepping on a Lego… except, I have been told, childbirth.
      I will take this person’s word for it. I am not giving birth to find out.


      July 6, 2014 at 9:05 PM

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